Just some Instagram pics taken at Chad’s grandparents’ farm.


It’s National Poetry Month and AngelhousePress is celebrating all month long with a poem-a-day. Mr. Pants and I are pleased to share with you we are today’s featured visual poets. Check it out along with pieces from previous days, and check back often: a new poem every day til the end of the month.

Frack it All Detail
Rorschach 101 Detail

This is a series of paintings I did by breaking glass and dropping paint in the crevices. Sunrise was created with watercolor on Yupo paper and sealed with Galkyd epoxy. I prefer Yupo for the interesting ways the paint doesn’t cling to the paper as it dries, preferring instead to stick to the glass. If […]

Onion Grass Seeds III

Thinking of Spring, wanting to get out there and plant!!

The Storm

  Had a pair of canvases that I was working on for a while, but after sitting on the last version for some time, I realized I wasn’t quite happy with it and ended up reworking it again. While I was planning on completely covering what was already down, I liked the effect of the […]

2009 Mail Art - Set 2, Cards 3-4 (front)

Work by Aileen from 2010 and 2011.